Published: 10 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gb3jnr86bj.1
Miguel Martínez Comesaña


This document contains data about a monitoring carried out at the building Centre for Research in Technology, Energy and Industrial Processes (CINTECX). The monitoring period was about 4-5 months (between 18 November 2020 and 10 March, 2021). The installation is composed of 8 wall-mounted devices and a mobile devices. The variables measured by both the fixed devices and the mobile device are: air temperarure, relative humidity, CO2 levels and pressure. The positions and distances of the mobile device to the fixed devices were also considered. In addition, three temporal variables (hour of the day, day of week and day of year) and the weather conditions (temperature, humidity and radiation) of the building area were added. Case of study The studied building is the Centre for Research in Technology, Energy and Industrial Processes (CINTECX), located at the University of Vigo in north-western Spain. A wide variety of activities take place inside this large room due to the different research groups working in it (energy, electronics, sustainability or automation). The installation of the monitoring devices is carried out on the ground floor of the building, where the laboratories are located. In this large multi-zone space, with approximately 825 m2 and a height of 6 m, workers conduct the experimental part of their investigations. There is different equipment such as heaters, engines or boilers which have a significant influence in the environment quality. Specifically, the installed heating and cooling system comprises four fan coils placed throughout the room. Fixed devices: 02, 09, 1a, 3d, B1, B2, B3, B4


Steps to reproduce

A monitoring installation was developed and placed in the CINTECX building.


Universidade de Vigo


Indoor Environment