Vehicle Occupancy Period Data

Published: 9 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gbf9w66876.1
Onyeka Okeke


The vehicle occupancy period data offers information regarding the occupancy period for each parking slot resources, R(c) for selected car parks within the Frenchay campus. Parking inventory provides data regarding the entry and exit time of the i^th vehicles to and from the j^th carpark. This data was obtained from the UWE Estates and Facilities department. To comfortably model the distribution of parking slot resource occupancy period, data obtained from the parking inventory were fitted into several distributions. Table 1 attached summarises the outcome of these analyses while the spreadsheet contains the raw data and the probability distribution.



University of the West of England Bristol, UWE Faculty of Environment and Technology


Transport, University, Logistics, Autonomous Vehicle