Bodily expressed emotion understanding through integrating Laban Movement Analysis

Published: 8 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gbhpdkf8pg.1
Chenyan Wu


We present the BoME dataset. The annotations are in the folder of BoME, named LMA_coding_cleaned_enlarge_train.csv, LMA_coding_cleaned_enlarge_val.csv, and LMA_coding_cleaned_enlarge.csv We also provide the code to estimate LMA elements and the code to enhance BEEU with BoME. They are in the folders emotion_action and emotion_swin_video. To reproduce the LMA element estimation experiments, please refer to To reproduce the BEEU experiments, please refer to Due to some unknown bugs, Mendeley does not display and sometimes. You can also get and from here ( We provide our checkpoint files as well (including TSN.pth, SlowFast.pth, PoseC3D.pth, V-Swin.pth, MANet.pth). Sometimes Mendeley does not display all the files in the folder checkpoint, emotion_action, and emotion_swin_video. Their backups are here (



Penn State


Human Movement Studies, Emotion