Regulatory Compliance Ceiling Effect/Diminishing Returns, Regulatory Compliance and Quality Indicators Scales

Published: 16 May 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/gc423hprcs.2
Dr Richard Fiene


This database contains the results of a study conducted in a Canadian Province as part of a five year project to design, implement and validate a differential monitoring approach. This database contains the quality indicators and regulatory compliance data of this project. The results clearly demonstrate the ceiling effect/diminishing returns effect between regulatory compliance and program quality (quality scores either plateau out or decrease as one moves from substantial to full regulatory compliance with standards) and validates the new Regulatory Compliance Scale and the Quality Indicators Scale for infant, toddler and preschool child care. Please contact Dr Fiene at for the codebook and the final report. This validation study involved 30 programs, 90 classrooms and 180 observations of infant, toddler, and preschool classrooms utilizing the ECERS/ITERS and the SKECPQI instruments. Six trained observers collected the data over a two-month period. The analyses clearly demonstrated that the new SKECPQI instrument is a valid and reliable measure of program quality. PQI #2 clearly showed it predictive power in this study. The SKECPQI and PQI #2 correlated very highly with the ITERS and ECERS. The SKECPQI appears to correlate more highly with regulatory compliance violations than the ECERS or ITERS. The ceiling/plateauing effect is not as evident with the SKECPQI as it is with ECERS/ITERS. The Regulatory Compliance Scale (RCS) is a better sorter for regulatory compliance than the violation data. There is a good deal of internal consistency within the SKECPQI Tool just as it is with the ERSs. The Regulatory Compliance Theory of Diminishing Returns was validated in comparing RCS with ECERS/ITERS. Both the SKECPQI Scale and the Regulatory Compliance Scale are introduced as new improvements to measuring quality and regulatory compliance.



Pennsylvania State University


Child Care, Early Childhood Education, Quality of Care, Compliance Monitoring, Preschool Child, Infant Care, Regulatory Framework