Replication Codes for The Euro Area Periphery and Imbalances: Is it an Anticipation Story?

Published: 21 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gc98b4xryz.1
Daniele Siena


These are all the replication codes for the Tables and Figures in the paper The Euro Area Periphery and Imbalances: Is it an Anticipation Story?


Steps to reproduce

Programs needed - Matlab, Dynare and Stata run solve_eaperiphery_imbalances.m - MATLAB, running time 4:20 minutes Uses dynare 4.5.7 (available at - necessary to addpath First, it runs dataset_eaperiphery_imbalances.m to take raw_data_eaperiphery_imbalances.xlsx (an excel Datastream request table with all raw datas), it constructs the database and sets calibrated parameters - saves the result in \Data_Parameters\ Second, it sets the folders in which it will write the results, corresponding to all tables in the paper (\Tables\): 1. Moments.xls: paper Table 3, Table A2 2. PosteriorTab2.xls - paper Table 2; Table A1 3. PriorPredictiveAnalysis.xls: paper table 4 4. VarDecTab4.xls: paper table 5; table 6; table 7 Third, it loads the estimated results (or runs them - the estimation of 13 models with 4 Metropolis Hastings chains might take really long, even providing the starting mode) and saves results in the Tables. 13 are the models estimated: 1. 'IPS' 2. 'IRL' 3. 'PRT' 4. 'SPA' 5. 'GRC' 6. sa_2020' 7.'sa_2020_NOant8' 8.'sa_2020_NOant4' 9.'sa_2020_NOant' 10.'sa_2020_NOcons' 11.'sa_2020_gov' 12.'sa_2020_spread' 13.'sa_2020allseries' Fourth, it loads the baseline model and plots all the figures of the paper in (\Figures\) --- Finally, to replicate the results in Section 4.3 - Tables A3 and A4 run


Banque de France


Database Replication, Data Replication