Raw data use, occupation and energy in technical schools in São Paulo, Brazil

Published: 15 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gc9yvgb65k.1
Haroldo Silva


The database contains information about public technical schools in the State of São Paulo. The data refer to 115 public schools with monthly energy data totaling 1380 records from January to December 2017. The data set consists of a total of 31 features, two features linked to the infrastructure, 13 features linked to the courses (Technological Axes), 8 features about the population, 3 features related to use and occupation, 4 features for climate adjustment and one energy-related feature. Schools do not have identification, and there are no missing data. Features: TYP: type of technical school (2 level categorical feature where CVC is conventional school and AGR is Agricultural school) BUA: building área CBA: cooling buinding área EAH: students in Environment and health courses CIP: students in Control and industrial processes ESD: students in Educational and Social Development MAB: students in Management and Business IAC: students in and Information and Comunication courses IFS: number of students in Infrastructure courses FOP: number of students in Food production courses CPD: number of students in Cultural production and design IPD: number of students in Industrial production NRS: number of students in Natural resources SEC: number of students in Security courses HLT: number of studentes in Hospitality and leisure tourism HSC: number of studentes in High school STM: number of studentes in the morning period STA: number of studentes in the afternoon period STN: number of studentes in the night period FTS: number of full-time students TNS: total number of students (STM+STA+STN+FTS) NSA: total number of students adjusted (STM+STA+STN+2 * FTS) ADO: number of administrative officers TEA: number of teachers MTH: month (12 level categorical feature) SCD: number of school days CDD_DB20: cooling-degree days for dry bulb 20°C AC_DB20: climatic adjustment index (CDD_DB20 * (CBA/BUA)) CDD_WB20: cooling-degree days for wer bulb 17°C AC_WB17: climatic adjustment index (CDD_WB17 * (CBA/BUA)) ENE: energy consumption in kWh



Universidade Federal do ABC