Saline Wastewater Treatment Plant Data

Published: 15 December 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/gcdckhx3pt.2


RAW data of process data and sequencing results from North Water's SWWTP that is used in the article of 'NGS-enriched activated sludge modelling of industrial wastewater treatment plant'. In the article, these datasets will be interpolated to achieve a more complete dataset (daily dataset).


Steps to reproduce

These datasets were taken from North Water's Saline Wastewater Treatment Plant (SWWTP) in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. The process data were collected from week 40 in 2014 until week 6 in 2017 on an irregular basis and then processed as a weekly dataset. The sequencing dataset was made available by Bioclear earth. The sample data were taken from week 40 in 2014 until week 10 in 2017. In the dataset, samples are taken on average every four weeks, resulting in 32 total samples. The sequencing results were then normalized to fractions. The normalized fraction was calculated as: log (the value of NGS-reads for a specific order divided by the total value of NGS-reads).


Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


Biomass, Wastewater