Features of Image To Audio Converted Tomato Leaf (Bacterial Spot and Healthy Leaf ) Dataset

Published: 10 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gcxcbrj7c6.1


This csv format dataset consists of audio features of the image dataset converted from from tomato leaf disease(bacterial spot) and healthy leaf images to audio dataset . This process of converting raw image data into sound data(audio format) is done with Audacity. Then the features from the audio dataset are extracted from pyAudioAnalysis and stored in csv format. This dataset consists of only the features which are already selected using feature selection algorithms.


Steps to reproduce

step1:Download the tomato leaf disease dataset from kaggle.com step 2: Convert the bacterial spot disease and healthy leaf images into audio by using Audacity, open audacity and import the necessary files as raw data. step 3: get the features using pyAudioAnalysis , the features are obtained as arff format step 4: convert the arff into csv step 5 :save the dataset.


Data Mining, Audio Analysis, Image Analysis