Accompanying data to "Role of parametrized orographic gravity waves in the lower stratosphere"

Published: 5 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gd3jsy3xmz.1
Aleš Kuchař


"composite_files", "detected_events" and "interactive_figures" folder contains composite averages for a particular model or calculated variable, lists of detected peak events, and files and interactive plots for time-series used for compositing, respectively. All files are included for two timescales (20 and 30 days).


Steps to reproduce

All files "composite_files" were saved into NetCDF format. The rest of files including lists of detected events or composite time-series themselves were saved in CSV format. Here we list of 3D (lag,latitude,longitude) variables uploaded: acceldiv (EP Flux Divergence [m s-2]), fy (Meridional Component EP Flux [kg s-2]), fz (Vertical Component EP Flux [kg s-2]), psl (Sea Level Pressure [Pa]), toz (ozone column [DU]), uas (Eastward Near-Surface Wind [m s-1]), vas (Northward Near-Surface Wind [m s-1]), vstar (Northward Transformed Eulerian Mean Air Velocity [m s-1]), wstar (Upward Transformed Eulerian Mean Air Velocity [m s-1]). Here we list of 4D (lag,vertical_coordinate,latitude,longitude) variables uploaded: accelogw (Tendency Of Eastward Wind Due To Orographic Gravity Wave Drag [m s-1 s-1]), Fx_plumb (Zonal Plumb flux [m2 s-2]), Fy_plumb (Meridional Plumb flux [m2 s-2]), Fz_plumb (Upward Plumb flux [m2 s-2]), lwa (Local Wave Activity [m s-1]), lwatend (LWA tendency [m s-1]), ta (Air Temperature [K]), tnmmuphy (Total Physics Zonal Wind Tendency [m s-1 s-1]), ua (Eastward Wind [m s-1]), va (Northward Wind [m s-1]), vmro3 (ozone volume mixing ratio [%]), wa (Eulerian Vertical Velocity, [m s-1]), zg (Geopotential Height, [m]). All 4D variables area provided on pressure levels except LWA and LWA tenddency which were calculated on log-pressure coordinates.


Climate, Atmospheric Dynamics