Analyzes done in Melissapalynology article

Published: 13 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gd6h7b9y7n.1
zahra shakoori, Ahmadreza Mehrabian, Dariush Minai, Farid Salmanpour, farzaneh khajoei Nasab


Information obtained from the analyzes performed in this study. 52 samples of honey belong to Central Alborz region which has a high botanical diversity and 42 other samples were collected from Zagros. Honey samples were collected in 7 altitude intervals (0-3500 m). In addition, in this study, various chemical analyzes such as the effect of antioxidant activity by DppH method, the amount of phenolic compounds using 1% iron chloride solution (1% Fecl3), the pH and moisture content of honey samples were investigated.



Plant Biology, Palynology