GSM enabled solar powered Robot for Agricultural field data collection

Published: 8 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gd94zh3y35.1


As world is moving towards civilization and technological advancements, less interest is seen in human labor and manual methods. This paper presents a “ GSM enabled, Field monitoring, Hybrid agriculture solar robot” which uses solar energy as secondary source and capable of monitoring the field and performing field operations like seeding, irrigating, weed cutting, leveling, fertilizing and is controlled by app. An arduino Mega, solar panel, Bluetooth module, SIM module, GPS module, SD card module, DC motors, servo motors, motor driver IC, various sensors, cutting blade are the main components of device. Along with the said components the device is also fitted with a small water tank, pesticide tank and seed vessels. Data from various sensors is provided to arduino mega which is programmed to control the various operations of device. The robot is also capable of detecting any intruder and fire condition in the field. When manufactured at industrial level robot can be used for data analysis to analyze the field conditions and needs of a region.


Steps to reproduce

The invention describes a GSM enabled, field monitoring, hybrid agriculture solar robot. The invented agriculture robot is designed to save energy and human labor. Energy saving is done by replacing fuel energy by solar energy and human labor is reduced by making the device intelligent and automated.


Data Analysis, Agricultural Irrigation, Moisture