Botswana FDSN-BX shear wave splitting parameters

Published: 23 February 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/gdcx63dfw3.3
Moidaki Moikwathai


Determination of shear-wave splitting parameters using broadband seismic stations deployed in Botswana. the stations belong to the FDSN-BX network.


Steps to reproduce

Earthquake data is archived at IRIS-DMC in the USA. It is accessed through online platforms at the following programs were used in processing data: RDSEED, seismic analysis code (SAC), generic mapping tool (GMT-6.1.1) and QGIS. Earthquakes with magnitude larger than 5.2 mb and in the distance range of between 90° and 180° were analyzed for SKS and SKKS phases; the distance range 130°–165° was also used for SKKS phases. SAC files are then used to estimate the upper-mantle anisotropy using the method Silver and Chan (1991) in order to measure the polarization angle and splitting times at each station. A procedure which minimizes energy on the transverse component is applied to selected traces to obtain shear wave splitting parameters (Liu et al., 2008, Savage and Silver,1993) and events are ranked using the procedure of Liu et al, 2008.


University of Botswana


Earth Sciences, Seismology, Planetary Interior