Model algorithms

Published: 20 September 2023| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/gdt8yr9m3d.4
Jacek Harazin


This dataset contains files with algorithms created in MatLabR2021b. Each file contains one of two methods to calculate the response of a synthesized system with and without damping elements. One method is done through the classical matrix calculation and the other method is done with the use of edge graphs and structural numbers derived from them. The second method is developed as a substitute to matrix calculation with hopes of developing a more straightforward method with less computational overload.


Steps to reproduce

This algorithm was done according to algebraic steps mentioned in the literature for both methods. For more information refer to publications mentioned in related links.


Politechnika Slaska Wydzial Mechaniczny Technologiczny


Mechanical Engineering, Piezoelectricity