Short Video Production with Automated Computation Scene Composition Algorithms

Published: 12 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gdvtwhm5rs.1
gaganpreet gagan


In this research endeavor, a comprehensive framework has been devised for the automated generation of videos facilitated by user input. The pivotal stages in the process of Automatic Video Generation are delineated below: Media Dataset Construction: The foundational step involves the establishment of a diverse media repository, encompassing images, videos, and audio, serving as the underpinning for video synthesis. Pre-Algorithmic and Pre-processing Procedures: Leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and regular expressions, this phase entails the purification, formatting, and transformation of textual data to facilitate subsequent processing. Text Segmentation Algorithm: This algorithm dissects textual content into manageable segments, such as sentences or paragraphs, aiding in the identification of crucial elements for constructing video sequences. Entity Identification: This stage encompasses the extraction and categorization of named entities and pertinent information from textual content, guiding the process of video creation. Query Engine Queries: The generation of context-driven queries from identified entities and relationships is conducted to retrieve suitable media resources from the dataset. Timeline Analysis: Critical for the logical assembly of videos, this step involves determining temporal relationships between text segments and media objects. Text and Media Integration: In the final phase, the amalgamation of text and media is executed using video editing software APIs or customized rendering engines, culminating in the production of the final video. Consequently, this methodological approach has facilitated the establishment of a public repository."



Chitkara Institute of Engineering and Technology


Computer Science