Anthropogenic litter in urban stream debris dams and non-debris dams: Chicago and Baltimore

Published: 8 December 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/gdwkrnx7dh.3
Timothy Hoellein


These data are anthropogenic litter (AL) items found in debris dam and non-debris dam habitats in urban streams. The study was conducted in Baltimore and Chicago, USA in 2017.


Steps to reproduce

These data are published in association with a manuscript in peer review. The methods are shown in detail in that paper, and citation information for the paper will be updated here upon publication. These datasets and analyses were updated in Dec 2023 as part of the review process to adjust the term "styrofoam" to expanded polystyrene (EPS)


Loyola University Chicago


Ecology, River Ecology, Environmental Pollution