Prevalence of Plantar fasciitis in opd vs icu nurses

Published: 2 May 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gf2587v4tj.1
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ABSTRACT Background :This study is about to Prevalence of planter fasciitis in OPD vs ICU nurses.Nurses at hospitals have long-standing plantar fasciitis discomfort.Nurses at hospitals have long-standing plantar fasciitis pain. . This is a condition of heel due to prolong standing on duty hours . Methodology:.The research design was survey study .Total 107 partcipants included only hospital nurses in present study .The demographic characteristics [Name , Age ,Gender ,Height ,Weight ] Result: Out of 107 participants ,54 OPD nurses and 53 ICU nurses was participate in the study in which 63.26 %OPD nurses as well as 60.71% ICU nurses has symptoms of planter fasciitis . Conclusion: According to the result obtained from the present study it states that the prevalence of planter fasciitis is more in OPD nurses [63.26%]as compare to ICU nurses [60.71%].As a result ,nurses was educated on planter fasciitis precaution and prevention . Key words: Planter fasciitis4r ,ICU ,OPD ,Pain


Steps to reproduce

A web – based survey was conducted using a Google form. The self – administered questionnaire was circulated after obtaining validation from physiotherapy professional staff. The questionnaire was considered to be validated for 80% of positive responses from the professional’s staff. Following the validation of the survey questionnaire it was circulated to who are working in icu and opd to assess the prevalence of planter fasciitis among opd and icu nurses. It was distributed through direct links on social media networking sites. Online Forums and Gmail as part of a convenient sample method for an online survey research project since it was coherent, cost-effective, and data collection was simple . The study questionnaire was prepared using Google Forms which including demographic data and other questions. Furthermore, the data was obtained by employing the Google form link and was taken in account in the analysis and conclusion of the results.


Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Heel Pain, Hospital