Radiocarbon Palaeolithic Europe database v24

Published: 3 November 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gf9svj4zfb.1
Pierre Vermeersch


We have collected the available data from literature and from other more restricted databases. We try to incorporate newly published chronometric dates collected from all kind of available publications. See list of journals inspected in downloadable file "inspected-journals.xls". The database, version 24 (first version was available in2002), contains now 12888 site forms, (most of them with their geographical coordinates), comprising 15500 radiometric data: Conv. 14C and AMS 14C (12024 items), TL (997 items), OSL (461 items), ESR, Th/U and AAR (2015 items) from the European (Russian Siberia included) Lower, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic. All 14C dates are conventional dates BP. 141 new sites are incorporated and 322 sites have a corrected or an updated content. For citation, please use: Vermeersch, P.M., 2018. Radiocarbon Palaeolithic Europe Database, Version 24. Available at: The database uses Microsoft Access ©. After downloading, you can use the database with a procedure as described below. For those who have no access to Microsoft Access software, there is also an excel–file (Palaeolithic Europe Database v24 Oct 2018 extract.xls), with restricted content but with all dates. It can be directly downloaded from The excel file is also available via and (



Chronological Dating