Data for:Long-term exposure to chemicals in sewage sludge fertilizer alters liver lipid content in females and cancer marker expression in males

Published: 12-01-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ggkbprbmnv.1
Panagiotis Filis,
Corinne Cotinot,
neil evans,
William Rees,
Richard Sharpe,
Beatrice MAndon-Pepin,
Linda Robertson,
Zulin Zhang,
Lauma Ramona,
Michelle Bellingham,
Natasha Walker,
Paul Fowler,
Emily Eaton-Turner,
Maria Amezaga


Raw values from measurements of environmental chemicals, transcript and protein markers of exposure and lipids in livers from sheep continuously exposed in pastures fertilised by control or sewage sludge fertiliser