The first complete mitochondrial genome data of the Afghan pika Ochotona rufescens (Lagomorpha, Ochotonidae), near the type locality

Published: 27 December 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/ggmjwhymmf.3
Anwesha Saha,


Mitogenome sequence is assembled using high throughput sequencing data for two individuals of Ochotona rufescens rufescens (FMNH102840 & FMNH102841). Genomic DNA was extracted following the modified phenol-chloroform extraction protocol (Roycroft et al. 2021; 2022). double-indexed and double-stranded library preparation; mitogenome enrichment with myBaits Custom 20-40K (Daicel Arbour Biosciences, USA); sequencing: Illumina NextSeq 550 platform; mitogenome assembled de novo in NOVOPlasty v.4.3.1 and annotated in MITOS2 web server. The circular mitogenome map was drawn using OGDRAW. Phylogenetic relationship was inferred using IQ-TREE.The mitogenome The mitogenome data are available in the GenBank under the accession number ON859136 ( & ON859137 ( Raw sequence data are available in Sequence Read Archive [BioProject: PRJNA1020817, BioSample: SAMN37529232 (individual FMNH102840) SAMN37529233 (individual FMNH102841); doi:;]



Evolutionary Biology, Mitochondrion, Asia, Genome, Evolutionary Genomics, Afghanistan, Lagomorpha


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