MIP Instances for the Job Sequencing and Tool Switching Problem with Non-identical Parallel Machines

Published: 22 December 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/ggr36f5gd5.2
Dorothea Calmels


The data provides instances for the job sequencing and tool switching problem for non-identical parallel machines (SSP-NPM). ------ Folders (m-j-t) contain 10 variations of dense and sparse matrices, respectively. ------- Filetype: ".csv" Seperator: ";" First Row: m; j; t; Second Row: Tool Capacity of each machine Third Row: Switching time of each machine Fourth Row (fifth, ...): processing time of each job on the first (second, ...) machine Remaining Rows: Job (column) -Tool (row) -Matrix // "1" indicates that job x in column x requires a tool ------- @index(ins) // instance identifier @index(m) // number of machines {2,3,4} @index(j) // number of jobs {5,10,15,25} @index(t) // number of tools {10,15,20} @index(dens) // job-tool-matrix-density {d ("dense"), s ("sparse")} @index(var) // number of variations per instance type [1:10] -------


Steps to reproduce

The R-code for generating these instances can be found on: ------ https://github.com/TerhiS/SSP-NPM_InstanceGenerator.git ------


Operations Research, Resource-Constrained Scheduling, Mixed Integer Programming, Machine Tool