Gliding behaviours and morphological analyses of the orchid mantises

Published: 21 November 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ggsxps2v6f.1


The list of original datasets in the paper: 1. Outdoor_experiment_1+2: 1) Outdoor_experiment_1 Anesthetized + control gliding performances 2) Outdoor_experiment_2 Lobe-ablated + control gliding performances 2. Outdoor_experiment_3: Ontogenetical gliding performances 3. Indoor_experiment_selected 4. DataS1_Camber_July2023: Camber morphology of femurs in the orchid mantis. 5. DataS2_Glide_formatted_July2023: Gliding-related morphology and glide performance in orchid mantis nymphs. (DataS3 was in another list.) The list of data analyses in the paper: Data S4: Ontogenetic and intersexual variations in femoral area and body mass. Data S5: Power-law scaling models of mass (m) and total projected planform area (A_tot) with respect to body length (L) based on sex-averaged data. Data S6: Ontogenetic and intersexual variations of gliding horizontal distance and glide duration.



Arthropoda, Aerodynamics, Mantodea