Raw atmospheric pressure, relative humidity and light intensity data timeseries

Published: 30 May 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ghjkcjn4dj.1
David Arnaiz


Raw time-series data from atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, and light intensity measured in an interior environment. There are two sets of data, labeled training_data.csv and validation_data.csv each set where collected at different times using the same device. The atmospheric data is in pascals (Pa) and was collected using a BMP180 sensor; the relative humidity data is expressed as a percentage (%) and has been collected using a DTH11 sensor, and the light intensity data is expressed in lux (lx) and has been measured using a BH170 sensor. All of the data was collected using a sampling period of 10s. The training dataset contains 302845 data points, and the validation set contains 504862 data points.


Steps to reproduce

The raw time-series data is provided in CSV format, the top row contains the labels of the columns. From left to right the columns are 1) time in milliseconds, 2) atmospheric pressure in pascals, 3) relative humidity as a percentage, and 4) light intensity data in lux.


Environmental Monitoring, Wireless Sensor Network