The Novel Paste Electrolyte Cell used for Testing Paraloid Coating on Bronze

Published: 4 November 2022| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/ghrkj4d5kk.3
, Ines Šoljić,


The data include the results of EIS measurements with paste electrolyte cell on: - CuSn6 bronze in various electrolytes (3.5% sodium chloride solution, tap water and paste electrolyte) (Figure 4a) - CuSn6 and CuSn12 bronze without (Figure 6a) and with two coating layers (Figure 6b). - Sulfide patinated CuSn6 bronze with one (1L), two (2L) and three coating layers (3L) (Figure 7a). - Artificial sulfide patina on CuSn6 bronze with a single coating that has been mechanically damaged (Figure 8a). - CuSn6 bronze with sulfide patina and two coating layers in 3.5% sodium chloride solution, tap water and paste electrolyte (Figure 9) - sulfide patinated CuSn12 bronze with one, two and three layer of coating, before and after exposure in the water humidity chamber for 24 hours (Figure 10) - Bronze coins in the pristine state (Figure 11a) and with a single layer of coating (Figure 11b).



Sveuciliste u Zagrebu Fakultet Kemijskog Inzenjerstva i Tehnologije


Culture Heritage, Impedance Spectroscopy in Interfacial Chemistry, Bronze, Corrosion, Patina