Data on Vietnamese university lecturers' teaching skills utilizing the TPACK framework

Published: 26 April 2024| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/gjwykzg47v.2
, Dinh-Hai Luong


The dataset pertained to the teaching practices of Vietnamese university lecturers and was created based on components of the TPACK model. The questionnaire was constructed based on the model proposed by Mishra and Koehler (2006). It was distributed via online platforms. The duration of data collecting spans three weeks, specifically from February 6th to February 24th, 2024. The study was carried out with the snowball sampling technique, involving a total of 503 participants. The article examined the 461 remaining records after excluding 41 invalid ones. University educators can utilize the dataset to improve their own professional development plan, aid higher education institutions by designing plans and training programs, educate teaching staff, and assist educational administrators and policymakers in developing policies that promote the integration of technology in teaching, thus enhancing the quality of education.



Education, Teaching, Career Development


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