Wildfire Spreading Capacity map of vegetated surfaces in Albania

Published: 12 May 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/gk5hr4k87y.2
Artan Hysa,


This is a vector GIS data shapefile that delivers the indexing of vegetated surfaces in Albania by their wildfire spreading capacity index (WSCI). WSCI relies on a multi-criteria approach in assessing wildfire risk, which considers the anthropogenic, climatic, geophysical, and fuel properties of the study area. The data is produced in QGIS software and is automated via processing modeler extension. The data consists of a points layer, where each point is representing the inventory and indexing values for a vegetated surface of 25ha. The data is useful as reference material to studies that focus on natural hazards scenarios in Albania and in the western Balkans.


Steps to reproduce

All steps of reproducing the dataset are explained in detail in the article provided in the references section of this dataset.


Universiteti Epoka Fakulteti i Arkitektures dhe Inxhinierise


Geographic Information Systems, Forest Fire, Natural Hazard, Albania