OpenNTP: Implementation of the S_N method in cartesian 2D geometry and the CP method in cylindrical and spherical 1D geometry

Published: 26 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gm2b6799j6.1
M. Lahdour,
T. El Bardouni,
O. El Hajjaji,
E. Chakir,
H. Ziani,
Jamal Al Zain,
E. Chham,
M. El Barbari


This paper presents the implementation of the discrete ordinates method (S_N) in 2D cartesian geometry and the collision probability method (CP) in cylindrical and spherical 1D geometry in OpenNTP code (Open Neutron Transport Package). This code is a pedagogical tool for computer analysis of nuclear reactors. Its main features are as follows: a free software with an open source, it solves the neutron transport equation to a few steady-state groups on a grid structured in one or two spatial dimensions with an isotropic and anisotropic dispersion source, and any new calculation method and algorithm would be easy to implement in this proposed code. Also, the code offers the possibility to calculate the main parameters of nuclear reactors such as the multiplication factor and the distribution of the scalar and angular neutron fluxes. Additional parameters, like the reaction rates, the pin power distribution and the boundary currents are also calculated. Moreover, a graphical user interface written in Python 3 programming language has been developed to simplify the use of OpenNTP. Some applications of the OpenNTP code have been compared on the one hand with the Monte Carlo OpenMC and MCNP6.1 codes and the WIMSD-5B lattice transport code, on the other hand. Numerical results are given to illustrate the accuracy of the OpenNTP code.



Nuclear Physics, Computational Physics