Half Moon Bay California Tide Pool Quadrats

Published: 27 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gnjkj3bhg5.1
Connor Adams, Andrew Benson


Quadrats taken from Maverick's Beach and Fitzgerald Marine Reserve at Half Moon Bay California. Each row is an individual, or species observed within a quadrat which could not be counted discretely. All unique species within a quadrat are assigned a single % cover value. Sites sampled: Maverick's Beach: 7/15/21, 7/27/21, 2/27/22 Fitzgerald Marine Reserve: 10/20/21, 12/4/21


Steps to reproduce

On 5 dates quadrat surveys were performed at random sites at Maverick's Beach or Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Half Moon Bay, California. Pictures were taken with measurement scale above each quadrat. ImageJ was used to analyze images noting date of sampling, which site the quadrat was taken, the coordinates of the quadrat within the site used as an identifier, which tidal zone the quadrat was in (low, mid, or high intertidal zone), all individuals and species present in each quadrat, species present, % coverage of each species within each quadrat, number of individuals of each species if possible, and length of each counted individual. Length measurements were taken by setting a scale in ImageJ using the ruler within the picture then drawing the longest possible line through the organism.




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