Biological flow visualization: Aneurysms and Eyes

Published: 29 November 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/gnkyn99kb2.2
Carlos Escobar del Pozo,


Videos obtained by the dye injection flow visualization of realistic geometries: aneurysms and eyes. 3D models were reconstructed from tomographies or the Aneurisk dataset repository (AneuriskWeb project website, Emory University, Department of Math&CS, 2012). The work of Epshtein and Korin was replicated to test the flow visualization system and the numerical solutions. (Epshtein, M., Korin, N. Mapping the Transport Kinetics of Molecules and Particles in Idealized Intracranial Side Aneurysms. Sci Rep 8, 8528 (2018). The main goal of the project is to provide experimental measurements to test numerical methods with biological geometries. The project is funded by CONACYT Ciencia de Frontera 2019 - Project number 6358


Steps to reproduce

3D models were reconstructed from tomography or from Aneurisk dataset repository. The dye injection technique was used to visualize the flow in aneurysms and a cross-section of the eye. Open Source software was employed to reconstruct the models. OpenFOAM was used for the numerical simulations.


3D Analysis, Flow Visualization Analysis, Fluid Flows Numerical Simulation