Corporate social (and environmental) responsibility (CSR) of business for climate action

Published: 14 November 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gp2kfx6t83.1


The dataset was created to serve as an empirical basis for scientific research on the topic of sustainable development in support of the implementation of SDG11, SDG12, SDG13. The dataset allows for econometric modeling and factor analysis of environmental protection and climate change, depending on the corporate social and environmental responsibility of the business. The dataset was created based on the dataset "Corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, ESG and climate change: simulation modeling and neural network analysis in the regions of the world - 2022" (Institute of Scientific Communications).


Steps to reproduce

The dataset includes statistics on the state of the environment and climate from Numbeo (Quality of Life Index) materials for 2022: - pollution index: reflects the scale of environmental pollution (the lower the value, the better); - climate index: reflects the success of the fight against climate change and the general state of the environment (the higher the value, the better). The dataset also includes statistics on corporate social and environmental responsibility from UN materials for 2022 (the most recent data for 2019): - Population with access to clean fuels and technology for cooking (%) - CO₂ emissions from fuel combustion per total electricity output (MtCO₂/TWh) - Share of renewable energy in total primary energy supply (%). Statistics for 199 countries of the world are given.


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Business Economics, Big Data, Climate Change, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Responsibility, Climate Data, Sustainable Development Goals