Cutaneous Cyst Number and Genotype of 215 (LE/Stm x BN) F2 Rats

Published: 08-03-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gp9k5y2y7k.1
Andrea Kindler-Roehrborn,
Bernd Koelsch


There is evidence that the development of multiple cutaneous cysts (benign skin tumors) is heritable . Using inbred BN rats susceptible to chemically induced cutaneous cyst development and resistant LE/Stm rats we were able to establish a new animal model for genetic dissection of multiple cyst formation. We used a (LE/Stm x BN)F2 Generation treated with MNU for QTL mapping. The data presented in the table repesent genome-wide genotypes of 106 SNPs for 215 F2 rats. Additionally the number of cutaneous cysts was listed for each F2 animal.