Cutaneous Cyst Number and Genotype of 215 (LE/Stm x BN) F2 Rats

Published: 8 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gp9k5y2y7k.1
Andrea Kindler-Roehrborn, Bernd Koelsch


There is evidence that the development of multiple cutaneous cysts (benign skin tumors) is heritable . Using inbred BN rats susceptible to chemically induced cutaneous cyst development and resistant LE/Stm rats we were able to establish a new animal model for genetic dissection of multiple cyst formation. We used a (LE/Stm x BN)F2 Generation treated with MNU for QTL mapping. The data presented in the table repesent genome-wide genotypes of 106 SNPs for 215 F2 rats. Additionally the number of cutaneous cysts was listed for each F2 animal.



Dermatology, QTL Mapping, Inheritance, Animal Biomedical Model, Benign Tumors, Cyst