Data for: Natural Post-Flowering Photoperiod and Photoperiod Sensitivity: Roles in Yield-Determining Processes in Soybean

Published: 14 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gpt96sth57.1
Magali Nico, Adriana Kantolic, Daniel Miralles


The first 5 columns in every sheet indicate the Experiment (year), Sowing date, Block or repetition (according to the experimental design), Radiation and Genotype. // "NILs" Sheet: Maturity group, Stewart coefficient and E allele composition of the genotypes used in this work. // "Ontogeny" Sheet: Date each ontogenic stage was attained, crop phase duration (expressed in calendar days and thermal days). // "PAR Photop Tº" Sheet: Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) captured, mean incident PAR, mean air temperature, mean photoperiod and mean vapour pressure deficit during different crop phases. // "Biomass" Sheet: Aerial biomass (dry weight) for vegetative (leaves, petioles and stems) and reproductive (flowers, shells and seeds) organs. Partition coefficient. Seed number, Yield and individual seed weight. // "Numeric" Sheet: Number of nodes (in main stems and branches) and nodes with pods at maturity. Number of pods, pods per node and seeds per pod on primary and lateral racemes, total main stem, branches and total. // "Analisis" Sheet: For each node position (basal, central and apical) and raceme (primary and lateral): Number of opened flowers, final number of pods, Set, date first flower was opened, date dominant pod reached 2 cm, date dominant pod began seed filling, date last flower was opened, same stages expressed in thermal days after flowering (R1). Photoperiod explored when flowering began. Lag phase and flowering duration. // "Pod developmental rate" Sheet: Days after flowering when different flower/pod stages were first observed at each node position (basal, central and apical) and raceme (primary and lateral). For stage description please refer to Nico et. al (2016, JXB 67(1):365–377).



Photoperiod, Soybean, Crop Physiology