Opinions among stakeholders from Bac Settlement about sustainable urban regeneration, urban design and Integrative urban design play

Published: 24 July 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/grcdmwryy6.1
Tatjana Mrdjenovic


The presented data provides insights into the perspectives of key stakeholders within the Bac community in Serbia regarding sustainable urban regeneration, urban design, and the role of integrative urban design. The data was collected subsequent to a collaborative workshop on "Integrative Urban Design Play for Urban Regeneration on Bac Suburbia" in 2010, during which the attendees acquired novel insights into participatory approaches for fostering sustainable urban revitalization. The objective of the survey was to assess the perspectives of the different stakeholders regarding the feasibility of introducing novel urban development approaches in regions that are under conservation protection. The efficacy of the "Integrative Urban Design Play" in addressing particular hurdles associated with wicked urban regeneration problems such as raising public awareness regarding the preservation, introduction, and promotion of essential values in protected suburban regions, was assessed through the administration of questionnaires. The questions were categorised into three groups: viewpoints on sustainable urban regeneration, perspectives on urban design, and perspectives on knowledge and preparation for future participation in the Integrative Urban Design Game. The collaborative effort between the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade and the Municipality of Bac, Serbia, involved the implementation of an anonymous survey. This survey was disseminated to pertinent stakeholders representing the public, private, and civil sectors.



Univerziteta u Beogradu Fakultet Arhitektonski


Sustainability, Protected Area, Sustainable Urban Design, Urbanization