Date for: 3D Printing of Electroactive PVDF Thin Films with High β-Phase Content

Published: 9 October 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/grhcjr8s2d.2
Caifeng Chen, Feixiang Cai, Yuan Zhu, Linchen Liao, Jilong Qian, Fuh-Gwo Yuan, Ningyi Zhang


This dataset contains the XRD and FTIR data of 3D printed electroactive PVDF thin films with different PVDF weight concentrations(12~17 wt%) in the printing ink under 6 kV auxiliary voltage.The video shows the piezoelectric constant(d33) value of PVDF piezoelectric thin films(PVDF/GR) with 0.03 wt% graphene, and 15 wt% PVDF concentration in the printing ink under 6 kV auxiliary voltage.



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