Published: 1 May 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/grrwh4db7w.1
Jakob Raffn


The zip file contains the TXT output files from SimaPro Monte-Carlo-Simulations. The files are statistically analysed using R scripts which can be found in the other zip file in the folder.


Steps to reproduce

The data can be reproduced by entering the values, accessible in the supplementary information for the manuscript "How and why to include uncertainties in quantitative sustainability assessments? – A case study on water footprint inventories of Danish pork", into an LCA modelling software (or in R if you build the matrices yourself). Be sure that you assign elementary flows (water sources) that enable that the varios production stages can be isolated from each other. Then Monte-Carlo Simulations (MCS) are run setting the seed value to 1234. Save the output and analyze it in a statistical software, by isolating and groupng the elementary flows and calculate descriptive statistics but most importantly prediction intervals. We used SimaPro for MCS and R for data analysis. SimaPro makes a TXT output. The R-scripts available are simple search functions using grep() in R and can be modified.


Aarhus Universitet


Animal Production, Water, Life Cycle Assessment, Agri-Environmental Indicator, Water Footprint