Exploring the possibility of expanding global wheat production to counteract food security crisis_Raw Data

Published: 28 December 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gsgbrm2986.1
Amir Dadrasi, Mehrdad Chaichi, Alireza Nehbandani, Abdollatif Sheikhi, fatemeh salmani, Ahmad Nemati


All uploaded RAW Data is also available in GYGA website (https://www.yieldgap.org/). Wheat is one of the important crops for ensuring food security around the world. In total, Russia, and Ukraine export about a quarter of the world's wheat, and in the current situation, this part of the export is in doubt. Therefore, we have to look for alternative areas that can compensate part of this decrease in wheat production and supply. In this study, GYGA (Global Yield Gap Atlas) protocol, which is based on climatic information, has been used to investigate the possibility of increasing wheat production under rainfed and irrigated conditions in different parts of the world. Yield gap, production gap and expandable areas for wheat cultivation all over the world is the subject that has been addressed in this study.



Seed and Plant Improvement Research Institute


Yield Studies