SMILEI: A collaborative, open-source, multi-purpose particle-in-cell code for plasma simulation

Published: 27 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gsn4x6mbrg.1
J. Derouillat,
A. Beck,
F. Pérez,
T. Vinci,
M. Chiaramello,
A. Grassi,
M. Flé,
G. Bouchard,
I. Plotnikov,
N. Aunai,
J. Dargent,
C. Riconda,
M. Grech


SMILEI is a collaborative, open-source, object-oriented (C++) particle-in-cell code. To benefit from the latest advances in high-performance computing (HPC), SMILEI is co-developed by both physicists and HPC experts. The code’s structures, capabilities, parallelization strategy and performances are discussed. Additional modules (e.g. to treat ionization or collisions), benchmarks and physics highlights are also presented. Multi-purpose and evolutive, SMILEI is applied today to a wide range of physics studies, from relativistic laser-plasma interaction to astrophysical plasmas.



Computational Physics