Data-driven Multivariate Power Curve Modeling of Offshore Wind Turbines

Published: 25 July 2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gst3cdfnn5.1
Olivier Janssens


a) Description: A synthetic dataset consisting of 20.000 power and wind speed values. The goal of this dataset is to objectively quantify power curve modelling techniques for wind turbines. b) Size: 580.0 kB c) Platform: Any OS or programming language can read a txt file d) Environment: As this is a txt file, any modern OS will do. The txt file consists of comma seperated values so all modern programming languages can be used to read this file. e) Major Component Description: There are 20.001 rows in the txt file. The first row indicates the headers of the columns. The other 20.000 lines indicate the corresponding values of the column. There are two columns, the first is the power and the second the wind speed. f) Detailed Set-up Instructions: This depends on the platform and programming language. Since this is a txt file with tab seperated values, a broad range of options are possible and can be looked up. g) Detailed Run Instructions: / h) Output Description: When plotting the wind speed values vs the power values using a scatter plot (e.g. matlab or python matplotlib), a power curve can be seen.



Universiteit Gent


Wind Turbine