Experimental data from fatigue testing of smooth and notched specimens manufactured from ČSN 41 1523 steel

Published: 4 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gsyctsgvpj.1
Martin Nesladek,
, Matěj Mžourek,


Information on the file (Jan Papuga, 2024-03-04) The data provided in this xlsm file are processed via scripts written in Visual Basic, the internal programming language for Microsoft Office programs. Due to security threads, the use of macros built in Visual Basic can be forbidden when such file is opened. The user can be warned the file contains potentially malicious code and he/she is warned not to allow the full functionality of the code part. The authors ensure that no harmful code is integrated into the file and the Visual Basic code can be accessed from within the Microsoft Excel environment to check this claim. The macros are used above all for regression analyses, and if the user is not interested in running them, he/she can simply disallow their execution – in such way, the buttons visible on individual sheets will be non-functional. Despite of that, the regression results, data and graphs will still stay visible and ready to be used. For more details if required, you can contact me on: papuga@pragtic.com



Notch, High-Cycle Fatigue