Basic data for deformed and undeformed granite at Yangkou ductile shear complex

Published: 14 October 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gt8w88z3rb.1
Zhongyan Zhao, Aimin Fang


These are supporting data to our paper, "Deformation-enhanced UHP metamorphic transformation of two-pyroxene granite in ductile shear zones at Yangkou, Sulu UHP metamorphic belt: implications for deep continental subduction and exhumation". The photomicrographs show microstructures and textures of minerals in the undeformed granite and granitic mylonite. The EMPA data are the original data including but not limited to these shown in figure 6 and 8. The EBSD data include both the original data and processed data, which is the bases for figure 7.



Structural Geology