Dataset on the structural damage from finite element model (FEM) of armour for flexible riser

Published: 21 September 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gtw8rwh3cx.1
Chiemela Victor Amaechi,


This dataset is on study is on the for the structural damage of flexible riser's armour. It includes the raw data for the simulation conducted on the finite element model (FEM) using ANSYS Mechanical, images and video output from the simulation


Steps to reproduce

The CAD files used were developed using Solidworks 2020. It was then inputed into ANSYS Workbench to develop the finite element model (FEM) for the flexible risers. Then, the material properties were inputed. The study is available on Amaechi, C.V.; Butler, H.O.; Chesterton, C. Design of hybrid composite flexible riser with tensile armour under burst and collapse pressure loads. Polymers 2022, under review; and Butler H. (2021). An analysis of the failure of composite flexible risers. BEng Dissertation. Engineering Department, Lancaster University, UK.


Lancaster University, Lancaster University Department of Engineering


Marine Engineering, Steel Riser, Riser (Pipe)