Knowledge Management (KM) in Situational Method Engineering (SME): Supplementary File

Published: 8 August 2023| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/gvktzd5ydm.5
Razieh Dehghani,


This supplementary document provides the following categories of data: 1) Knowledge Management (KM)-driven dimensions and levels for analyzing the situations for which a Software Development Methodology (SDM) should be engineered, 2) examples of features that have been used for eliciting a set of evaluation criteria for assessing the support SME (Situational Method Engineering) methods provide for managing knowledge, 3) lists of evaluation criteria extracted for KM-driven evaluation of SME methods, 4) questions that have been used for assessing KM capabilities in Software Development Methodologies (SDMs) and SME methods, and 5) results of the conducted KM-driven evaluation to assess some prominent SME methods. The data have been used for: 1) proposing a framework for assessment of KM in SME, 2) a model which consists of a set of KM practices proposed to satisfy the evaluation criteria, and 3) a KM-Driven and DevOps-based method for SME (Dehghani, R., and Ramsin, R., "A Knowledge Management-Driven and DevOps-Based Method for Situational Method Engineering", Information Technology and Management, January 2023).



Process Engineering, Software Engineering Method, Information and Knowledge Management