Data for: Scapolite and analcime: monitors of hydrothermal fluids that altered plutonic rocks in a major shear zone

Published: 12 June 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gvmbbvymcg.1
Georgia Pe-Piper


SUPPLEMENTARY DATA Appendix 1. Backscattered electron images showing locations of WDS analyses of scapolite. Supplementary Table 1. WDS analyses of analcime Supplementary Table 2. EDS analyses of scapolite. Supplementary Table 3. WDS analyses of scapolite. Supplementary Figure 1: Polished slab of syenite (sample 9928a) Supplementary Figure 2: Feather-like scapolite in syenite with small gabbro blocks. Supplementary Figure 3: Mineralogy of diorite (sample 9954). Supplementary Figure 4: Alteration of diorite (BSE images, sample 9954) Supplementary Figure 5: Vein of quartz-chlorite-calcite in syenite (BSE image and X-ray maps, sample 9956c). Supplementary Figure 6. Scapolite (Scp) veins and patches cutting diorite (Dt) (sample 9958, Fig. 3C). Supplementary Figure 7: Scapolite (Scp) veins cutting diorite (Dt). Supplementary Figure 8: Fibrous anthophyllite filling a void between analcime crystals.



Earth Sciences, Earth Mineralogy