Data for: Storm and post-storm induced morphodynamic response of a projected tidal inlet on the coast of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Published: 31 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gw2s7np8v7.1
Rodrigo Silva


The files attached are the Microsoft Access databases files used for the models applied in this research. These files contain contain all informations used as input data for the models (e.g. bathymetry, wave dataset, tides, winds, bottom sediment, etc), as well as the all modeling parameters used in each simulation. To access all the information it is necessary to download and install the software SisBaHiA from The download and instalation is totally free. Further questions are welcome to be sent to or



Sedimentology, Estuarine Circulation, Waves, Hydrodynamics, Numerical Modeling, Coastal Engineering