Data Set for the Prize-Collecting Covering Tour Problem

Published: 23 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gw76znr8bm.1
Glaubos Clímaco


This dataset consist of 144 test problems derived from the traveling salesman problem (TSP) accessible at the TSPLIB repository. The PRIZE is never satisfied with the collection of merely the prizes associated with the vertices from T, in order to avoid any instance of the PCCTP from becoming an instance of the covered tour problem (CTP). The instances were given new names based on their TSPLIB names, with extra information about the subsets R, T, and W, as well as the proportion of the total PRIZE to be collected. The instance a280_R56_T168_W56_50}, for example, contains the following properties: the total number of vertices are 280, 56 of them are optional (R), 168 are mandatory (T), 56 must be covered (W), and 50% of the total prize must me covered.



Universidade Federal do Maranhao


Combinatorial Optimization