survey and RFID timestamp data of patients

Published: 9 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gwk53dtpfw.1
saria safdar


The dataset consists of timestamp data of each patient and the patient experience survey data. The timing data of each patient is collected using an RFID machine. An RFID card is given to each patient which he swipes on the stations RFID machine which records the patients timestamp at each station. After visiting the doctor the patient fills the automated survey form that has 18 questions regarding services of six stations on Tablet PC. The dataset is comprised of 200 patients of a local hospital. The dataset is valuable as their correlation helps in the development of automated patient experience management system using an intelligent algorithm.


Steps to reproduce

Both the datasets description is given below: RFID data (Timestamp): The timing information of each patient is saved by using ZKTK30 RFID machines with EM cards of Low Frequency (LF) of 125 KHz Survey data: Survey is conducted using an electronic form developed using an android application. after the patient is done with the treatment from the doctor he fills the survey form installed on Tablet PC