JAAD Supplemental Material -Sports bras improve chest keloids but outcomes are dependent on breast size: a retrospective analysis

Published: 1 September 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/gwyfc7bnzb.3
Yanting Zhu


Supplemental Figure 1. Study design and flow chart of the medical records selection in two groups. Supplemental Figure 2. Effect of sports bra and breast size on keloid score after the combination treatment. (a) The keloid scores in without sports bra group are significantly worse than scores in with sports bras group at 1-year follow-up. (b-c) The large breast size group (BSS<7.7) shows more significant improvement of keloid score when patients wear sports bras than the small breast size group (BSS>7.7). (d) Larger size of the breast is correlated to the worse keloid score in both two groups according to simple Linear Regression. However, the positive association in without sports bra group is stronger compared to with sports bra group. Supplemental Figure 3. Impact of time of keloid onset and age of patient on the treatment outcome. The result shows that the keloid score is not statistically correlated to the time of keloid onset or the age of patients in both groups. Supplemental Figure 4. The clinical pictures of patients in both groups before and one year after operation. The patients in with sports bra group exhibit milder erythema and telangiectasia and smaller vertical width of lesion one year after treatment compared to patients in without sports bra group. Supplemental Figure 5. The typical pathological features of one of included patients. (a) Low-power view shows the collagen is separated by small bundles of sparsely cellular fibroblastic tissue and chronic inflammatory cells. (b) High-power view highlights typical broad, hyalinized, and eosinophilic “bubble gum” collagen fibers. In addition, the lack of epidermal appendages is noted on both low and high power. (a, hematoxylin-eosin, original magnification×40; b, H&E, original magnification×200)



First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University