Beta Spectrum Generator: High precision allowed $\beta$ spectrum shapes

Published: 22 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gx6yrpn22x.1


Several searches for Beyond Standard Model physics rely on an accurate and highly precise theoretical description of the allowed beta spectrum. Following recent theoretical advances, a C++ implementation of an analytical description of the allowed beta spectrum shape was constructed. It implements all known corrections required to give a theoretical description accurate to a few parts in 10^4 . The remaining nuclear structure-sensitive input can optionally be calculated in an extreme single-particle approximation with a variety of nuclear potentials, or obtained through an interface with more state-of-the-art computations. Due to its relevance in modern neutrino physics, the corresponding (anti)neutrino spectra are readily available with appropriate radiative corrections. In the interest of user-friendliness, a graphical interface was developed in Python with a coupling to a variety of nuclear databases. We present several test cases and illustrate potential usage of the code. Our work can be used as the foundation for current and future high-precision experiments related to the beta decay process.



Nuclear Physics, Computational Physics