Microbiological and observational data from 87 European kitchens

Published: 2 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gxg5b7j6bg.1
Trond Moretro,
Christophe Nguyen-The,
Pierrine Didier,
Isabelle Maître,
Tekla Izsó,
Gyula Kasza,
Silje Skuland,
Maria Cardoso,
Vania Ferreira,
Paula Teixeira,
Daniela Borda,
Loredana Dumitrascu,
Corina Neagu,
Anca Nicolau,
Eduard Anfruns-Estrada,
Mike Foden,
Phil Voysey,
Solveig Langsrud


The data are microbiological and observational data collected from visits in 87 kitchens/households from six European countries: France, Hungary, Norway, Portugal, Romania and United Kingdom. The data are presented in an Excel spreadsheet. A sheet with more explanation of the data is included in the Excel file. This research was performed within the European Commission H2020 – SFS – 2016 – 2017 Project no. 727580 SafeConsume.



Sociology, Food Hygiene, Observation, Microbiological Food Hazard