An experiment on the reliability analysis of megaproject sustainability

Published: 5 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/gy2h2ybtjg.1
Zhen Chen


Hypothesis: The reliability can be adopted to quantitatively measure the sustainability of mega-projects. Presentation: This dataset shows two scenario based examples to establish an initial reliability assessment of megaproject sustainability. Data were gathered from the author’s assumption with regard to assumed differences between scenarios A and B. There are two sheets in this Microsoft Excel file, including a comparison between two scenarios by using a Fault Tree Analysis model, and a correlation analysis between reliability and unavailability. Notable findings: It has been found from this exploratory experiment that the reliability can be used to quantitatively measure megaproject sustainability, and there is a negative correlation between reliability and unavailability among 11 related events in association with sustainability goals in the life-cycle of megaproject. Interpretation: Results from data analysis by using the two sheets can be useful to inform decision making on megaproject sustainability. For example, the reliability to achieve sustainability goals can be enhanced by decrease the unavailability or the failure at individual work stages in megaproject delivery. Implication: This dataset file can be used to perform reliability analysis in other experiment to access megaproject sustainability.


Steps to reproduce

This dataset arrived in an experimental study on the reliability analysis of megaproject sustainability. Two scenarios were employed to distinguish differences in eleven events within a Fault Tree Analysis performed by the TopEvent FTA software from Reliotech. Recommended steps to reproduce include 1. Establish a Fault Tree diagram as shown in this dataset. 2. Select one or more case projects for data collection. 3. Create a set of input data from each of the selected case. 4. Quantify parameters within the Fault Tree diagram. 5. Perform Fault Tree Analysis. 6. Calculate the reliability and system reliability of megaproject sustainability.


University of Strathclyde Department of Architecture


Reliability Analysis, Project Management, Sustainability, Built Environment